Trench Safety

Helping you get in the trenches safer.

New Innovation in Trench Safety

A revolutionary new trench shoring system that’s safer, lighter, faster, and more cost efficient.

Take a look at the safest, lightest, fastest, and most cost-efficient Trench Box in the world.  Safety is the driving force behind the redesign and invention of the new Gravity-Lock System. Its simplicity in design keeps the worker at a safe distance by employing a tag line while assembling. Both setup and takedown take less than 15 minutes, with only one machine, one operator, and one worker, minimizing risk and saving time and money. There is nothing safer both in and out of the trench.

Trench Safety Ultra Light


Forged from premium hi-tensile steels, GroundWorks Gravity-Lock Trench Boxes are engineered to be lighter, stronger, and longer lasting than other competitive boxes. Hi-tensile steels have over three times the yield strength over standard steels, providing better structural endurance, springback, and wear resistance.

Trench Safety Massive Savings


With significant savings in assembly time, increased productivity, and a reduction in manpower, the GroundWorks Gravity-Lock Trench Box pays for itself much more quickly than a traditional trench box ... whether you rent or buy.

Endless Configurations

The four-sided Universal Connector System makes it so boxes can be stacked or made four-sided in minutes instead of hours or days. Two Gravity-Lock Trench Boxes can be assembled and stacked in under 40 minutes and a four-sided box can be done in under one hour. A stacked four-sided box can be done in under three hours. The panels can be turned 90 degrees and used along with adapters on the universal connector system. The 4-foot panels that go on top of the box do not need struts to keep them apart; instead, heavy-duty adapters are used to connect these panels.


SAFEST, FASTEST Trench Box Shoring Setup


OPERATOR VIEW - Trench Box Assembly

RIGID by Design, SOLID in the Ground

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